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Hi I'm Emma. I joined the steering group in June 2022 as the V4P administrator. I live in Wolverhampton with my husband Martin and our 3 children. Bethany, Ben and Bobby. Bobby was born deaf in 2019 and this catapulted me suddenly into the world of SEND. My older two children are hearing so this really was the start of our journey as we had never had any need to be aware of SEND personally before. 

I am very passionate about Peer Support being the way forward and found myself drawn to V4P coffee mornings where I found this. I absolutely love, respect and admire what V4P stand for and think it is heart warming that such support networks are available for us as parents and carers to our children and young people. I love the idea that all our children can grow and just be themselves within this safe and accessible environment with no judgements and understanding from all. 

If I can be of any use or if you have any queries regarding anything to do with V4P, please email me at and I will do my best to help.

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