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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 

'Public Health' and 'Data and Analytics' teams are working to redevelop the City of Wolverhampton Council's JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) online tool. 

 A JSNA is a process by which local authorities and the NHS look at the current and future health, care and wellbeing needs of the local community. This information helps organisations plan their priorities.  

We must by law produce a JSNA to help organisations, such as the NHS, Voluntary Sector Organisations and the Council, in making local decisions, service planning and the commissioning of services. It also helps identify topics where a more in depth look is needed to fully understand the topic area. 

The JSNA tool will present a wide variety of Health and Wellbeing data, covering the entire life course and wider factors that can affect the health of residents in the City, in an easy to use interactive way. The Starting and Developing Well chapter of the JSNA tool will also include in depth SEND data. The SEND data included in the JSNA tool will mirror the SEND-related data included in the 2019 SEND JSNA as far as possible. 

The JSNA online tool will show both trends over time, trends across areas of the City and allow comparisons to be made with other areas. Once the JSNA Online tool has been published it will be shared with colleagues and partner organisations across the City. 

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