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Hi, I'm Sarah. I have  been  a voice  4 parents  steering  group  member  for  10  years and chair for the last 3 years  .  I  have  2  amazing  children  and  I  gave up work to become my  younger  daughters carer but  also   dedicate  a lot of my time to voluntary  work  including  V4P and  being  a school governor

As a family we have had   a mixed  journey  of good and bad  over the years and life can certainly  feel challenging  at times and battling a system that isn't  always  right  for our children  can be exhausting .     I've  realised  though  that life is  easier  when  we have  good   relationships  with  professionals  and  we  work together  to  make things better . 

Although  life can be  hard  sometimes the battles, the small wins are  all worth  it  I have met some  amazing people  on our journey and it inspired  me to want to  make  a difference  for all  families  like  ours . I  feel so  proud and privileged to be part  of  V4P and  I will  always  do  my absolute  best to ensure  that families voices  are  heard   and play  an important  part   in shaping services and  provision.

If you have any questions or queries, please e-mail me at and I will do my best to help. 

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